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hot tub user manual


This is the button that will allow you to switch from active mode to standby mode. You must activate the active mode to be able to activate the different massages

After 30 minutes without use the keypad locks. Press the lock button twice to unlock it.

A padlock appears next to the time when the screen is locked, it disappears when it is active.


Press one of these 3 buttons to activate the water jet massages.

Press again to stop them.

Press this button to activate or deactivate the air jet massages.

Press this button to turn the hot tub light on.

Press again for change colors, and again for turn off.


board computer

To use the jacuzzi, you will only need these 7 buttons.

In order to avoid disturbing the recorded programs we ask you not to touch the other buttons.


The 2 symbols next to the time indicate that the automatic heating program and cleaning are activated.

The heating is activated from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. to allow the water to remain at the right temperature while the cleaning cycle as well as the filtration will be activated automatically at night.

You can still enjoy the jacuzzi during these two slots.

The 3 lines below the time indicate that the jacuzzi is in standby mode. You will therefore have to switch to active mode in order to be able to use the different massages.

After use, remember to return to standby mode.


use our hot tub, step by step

First of all, unlock the screen by pressing the unlock button twice

Once the screen is unlocked, switch to active mode. Press the ON/OFF button once.

On the screen, the 3 lines disappear. You are in active mode.

in active mode, choose one or more massage programs you want. 

You can start several massages simultaneously.

Swimming over, before getting out of the water I put the jacuzzi in standby mode. Press the ON/OFF button again.

The 3 lines under the time appear again, you are in standby mode.

Put the insulating cover back on the hot tub after turn it on off mode

If you are there for several days, do not forget to check the presence of the bromine tablet in the filter, as well as in the floating capsule. Additional bromine is available under the kitchen sink.

You can text me via Whatsapps

Additional costs will be requested in the event of deterioration or malfunction of the jacuzzi following non-compliance with the handling rules.

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